In 2021, approximately 4,700: tonnes of gold and 28,300: of silver were supplied to the market, from those, 29% 34 were destined for the production of bars and coins, central banks and other investments; most were extracted to eventually be kept in vaults below ground.
Given this, GrAu has found an opportunity: commercializing mineral reservess of precious metals -that will never be mined- through a blockchain-based token by means of the cryptocurrency market. The majority of its proceeds will be invested in sustainable and profitable businesses that will add value to the token and generate profits for the host communities of the mining concessions.


GrAu will acquire an exploration mining gold project from companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and with a certain level of feasibility.


The ore body containing the
resources will be divided into
sections representing an ounce of
gold, each section will be uniquely identified using blockchain technology and represented as a token.


An asset backed token will be commercialized in the cryptocurrency marketó.


The greater part of the revenue will be invested in businesses that have a positive social and environmental impact on the surface of the project or its surroundings (sustainable businesses).


The value of the token will be set by two components, a) the market price of the gold or silver and, b) the value that the holders will achieve on future gains from the sustainable businesses.


GrAu token has two possible off-takers, investment funds that will add this vehicle to their green, ESG or sustainability portfolio and the general market that seeks crypto-real-sustainable alternatives.

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